• PO Box 1088 Tolga, QLD 4882


Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Rocca Industries will be a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, reliable and efficient farm machinery equipment for plastic mulch vegetable farmers throughout the world.

Our Mission Statement

Rocca Industries provides its customers with the most efficient, innovative, reliable and high quality farm machinery available to us. We ensure ongoing product development, customer involvement and satisfaction to be an employer of choice and a model corporate citizen in all of our activities.

We recognize that our activities not only affect our customers and staff, but also the environment and society in general. We recognize this responsibility and will make sure our actions are of the highest standard.

Our History

Rocca Industries, located on the Atherton Tablelands, Australia, evolved out of a farm business, which runs in the family for generations. Experience through years of dedicated farming, the recognition of problem areas and the redesigning of farm machinery to suit the special conditions of the farm, has been a key reason for the evolution of Rocca Industries and for the production and manufacturing of highly valuable farm machinery.


Rocca Industries designs farm machinery to suit your environment and the conditions of your farm to make the most profitable way of farming possible.