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We Care About The Environment

Rocca Industries recognizes that our activities not only affect our customers and staff, but also the environment and society in general. This responsibility  we have, drives us to ensure our actions are of the highest standard. The main disadvantage of using plastic mulch in plastic culture management practices is the cost of the plastic mulch and the disposal of used material.

There are a range of options for the disposal of the plastic mulch, though the current shift towards environmentally friendly practices reduces the ongoing viability of incineration and disposal to landfill. We assist in the  plastic mulch recycling process. Recycling the plastic is obviously a preferable disposal method, though in order to be able to recycle the plastic mulch, it needs to be effectively cleaned and any dirt, organic  matter or crop trash must be removed from the plastic. This involves a significant investment of manual labor in the paddock to remove the rubbish away from the soil before it can be collected and disposed. This is where the PMR (Plastic Mulch Retriever) machine is able to provide the solution required.