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Rocca Plastic Culture Equipment

Rocca Industries is an innovative company that exists to provide its customers with the highest quality, most efficient and innovative machines available on the Australian market.

The Plastic Mulch Retriever and Rocca M940 Mower machines have been developed by Tony Rocca, Managing Director of Rocca Industries, and  specifically designed to remove the inefficiencies associated with the lifting and removal of plastic mulch used in the horticultural agriculture industry world wide.


Single Row Retrieval
The PMR-01 is the new Plastic Mulch Retriever specially designed for lifting and removal of plastic in heavy soils.


Clean Plastic with the ROCCA M940 Mower
The new ROCCA M940 Vacuum Mower is designed to remove all debris from your plastic mulch.



Rain-Flo Plastic Mulch Layer
An agricultural leader in vegetable planting equipment, vegetable growing products, T-Tape drip tape for drip irrigation, plastic mulch, portable water pumps, diesel powered water pumps and overhead crop irrigation.


Three Rows at Once
Rocca Industries Pty Ltd provides the most efficient solution for all Plastic culture management processes.


Distributor for Renaldo
We are proud to announce to be the Australian distributor for Renaldo agricultural machinery.


In the horticultural/agricultural industry, farmers are looking for convenient and cost-effective ways to harvest their crops but also to reduce time and costs with cultivating their fields and disposing of trash and debris. Farmers not only harvest but they also clear their land, prepare it for a new crop, and plant the new crop.

Row crop farmers have a choice of machinery to use that will increase their productivity and reduce labor and time spent on activities that don’t grow their profits such as tilling, rock removal, plastic removal, etc.

Row crops produce organic waste or debris that requires removal after harvest and prior to the new crop being planted. The old plastic mulch film also needs to be removed prior to forming a new bed and for these processes Rocca Industries have engineered and manufactured horticultural/agricultural equipment to get the job done and get it done fast and efficiently.

One important aspect of row farming is having to remove the organic material left behind after harvest, namely, dead vines from watermelon crops, dead plants such as strawberry or other berry types that grow on the ground, pumpkin and other squash type crops, tomato, peppers, canteloupe, eggplant, cucumbers, etc. All of this crop debris or crop waste needs to be chopped close to the plastic and removed to allow for a fast and clean removal process of the plastic film mulch from the bed. Rocca Industries sells it’s own machine, the ROCCA M940 vacuum bed mower for mowing the row bed and then vacuuming the waste away.

Rocca Industries also engineered and manufactures the PMR—01, -02, and -03 Plastic Mulch Retriever that retrieves/lifts the plastic film mulch off the crop bed and collects the plastic film on a spool to be easily opened allowing the farmer/worker to drop or dispose of the bundle efficiently.

Farmers are experiencing higher costs to harvest their land but challenged by an economy that doesn't keep up with the sale of the produce, and as a result are finding more efficient and cost effective ways to harvest their land, this is where Rocca Industries addresses the effort of farmers world wide.