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ROCCA INDUSTRIES – Preferred Horticulture/Agriculture Machines

~ Tough enough for Australia, Tough enough for the World ~

Rocca Industries is an innovative company that exists to provide it's customers with the highest quality, most efficient and innovative horticultural and agricultural implements available on the Australian market today.

The Rocca implements have been developed by Tony Rocca, managing director of Rocca Industries Pty Ltd for well over a decade, and are specifically designed to remove the inefficiencies associated with the current implements used in the horticultural agriculture industry world-wide. Farmers and station owners can now benefit from reduced time spent in the field, reduced fuel costs and consumption, and savings in labour costs by utilising the specially designed and engineered Rocca implements.

One of the goals of Rocca Industries is to give farmers the leverage they need to combat an ever changing economy to their advantage by addressing an ever-growing need for performance, quality and durability. With growing costs in the farming industry there is an increasing need for lower cost equipment to do the same job or better while reducing running costs at the same time. The need for longer lasting implements with greater durability for today's agricultural and horticultural industries, is now paramount more than ever. Rocca Industries is here to address these issues with outstanding equipment that exceeds expectations.

Rocca Industries Pty Ltd provides a variety of plastic mulch equipment for the formed bed farmers, planters/transplanters, sprayers and a variety of new Rocca SupaTill tillage equipment that you can review within the pages of this website.

As a sweet potato farmer, I used a rotary hoe that is very costly. I purchased the ROCCA ST-350 to chop the trash and turn it into the soil better with less soil compaction. This machine is more efficient, it's easier and faster to maintain my fields. It saved me money and time the first day I used it. Now I can till my land at 12kph instead of 2.5kph, every farmer should have one of these.
~ Bruno C. – QLD


I can’t speak highly enough of Tony at Rocca Industries. I purchased the Rocca 3 row mower system and it is spot on and trouble free. Not only did we save a lot of money but the service from Tony was second to none. Tony was always only a phone call away if I had any questions. I highly recommend Rocca Machines, there is no good reason to purchase anywhere else.
~ Sibi R. – QLD


Satisfied customer provided video of the Rocca SupaTill ST-625 in action. Courtesy ~Dean S. - QLD